Library News

           We have spent quite a bit of time in the library with wet weather, hopefully the rain is behind us.

           Our displays this week are Health and Medicine and of course Mothers.  

           Library days are as follows - K12 Monday S2 - Wednesday and S3 Thursday.

Student Awards - Week 1

Kinder - Aialah Kapeen, working hard in Maths.

Kinder - Tyler Carbery, he's pleasing attitude in class.

Stage 1 - Destiny Gomes, respectful behaviour when sitting on the floor during instructions.

Stage 1- Airies Edge-Ford, respectful behaviour when sitting on the floor during instructions.

Stage 2- Lolly Allan, challenging herself in Mathematics.

Stage 2 -Shelby De Hoon, working very hard in Mathematics to acheive her learning goals.

Stage 3 - Maxx Mercer, a wonderful start to Term 2

Stage 3-Noah Moran, great completion in reading groups.

South's Cares Visit

We were fortunate to have a visit from South Sydney Players as part of their South's Cares Program. Students had the opportunity to ask the players questions and join in a skills session. We had some very excited students and staff. The South's Cares Team included:Kalinda Bolt, Yileen Gordan, Rylee Merritt, Benjamin Lovett, Shaquai Mitchell, Alisha Parker, Rhys Wesser and Tyrone Roberts. Thank you to South's for taking the time to visit us and have some fun with our students!

Sports News

Zone Cross Country 

On Tuesday we were represented at Zone Cross Country by Chase, Blake, Paige, Janaya, Sam, Saoirse, Casey, Pip, Noah, Jacob, Cally, Jack, Indie, Ryder & Ashar. The course was very wet however the rain held off.  Well done to the cross country squad.

Kyden Bolt - Rugby League Trials 

Last Friday I participated in the Polding Rugby League trials for the 11’s age group at Tamworth. We travelled to Tamworth on Wednesday. On Thursday at 3 o'clock we went to the footy ovals for training. I knew a couple of the players from my old club Casino Cougars. The Coach handed out our playing gear. I got to keep a Lismore Diocese hat, jumper and shirt. On Friday played 5 games against Armidale, Newcastle and some other teams. We won all of our games but the selectors weren’t worried about the game scores. I  played right/left wing and centre and five-eight. It was fun and exciting. Next week I go to Diocesan Rugby union trials in Grafton.


We will start Tennis on Tuesday the 28th of May and run for 5 weeks.

The times will be 12-12.30 - Infants. 12.30-1.15 - Stage 2. 1.15 - 2.00 - Stage 3.

This program is funded by Sporting Schools Australia and will be run free of charge to our students.

General Business

Happy Birthday to the following who have celebrated their birthday since our last newsletter: 

         Danielle Gomes, Jack Painter, Jacob Powell, 

           AJ Skinner,  Mrs Campbell, John Randall 

P&F & Canteen News

Special Canteen Menu - Friday 10th May

Ham or Chicken & Cheese Toastie , Popper (Juice or Milk), Chips 

$6 Orders can be placed through Compass 

Save the Date Term 2 2024

Thursday 9th May - Mothers Day Afternoon Tea & Liturgy 1:10 pm

Monday 20th May - Confirmation 5:30pm

Wednesday 29th May - Staff Development Day

Monday 10th June - King's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 14th June - School Photos

Friday 28th June -Athletics Carnival 

Friday 5th July - Last Day for Term 2

Canteen Term 2 2024

Friday 10 May

Mary-Jane Maher
Wednesday 15 MayFriday 17 May
Beth BrammahAshlee Grande
Wednesday 22 MayFriday 24 May
Lavandis KapeenNicole Oldham
Wednesday 29 May - Pupil Free DayFriday 31 May
No CanteenKursty Williams
Wednesday 5 JuneFriday 7 June
Kym ChartersBianca Mavir
Wednesday 12 JuneFriday 14 June
Jemma BiggsMary-Jane Maher
Wednesday 19 JuneFriday 21 June
Ashlee GrandeBeth Brammah

Mission News

During the forty days since the resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday, Jesus made frequent appearances and continued to speak to his disciples. This week’s Gospel reiterates Jesus' message to evangelise. Jesus’ final words before he ascends to heaven are a call to the Church to become the Body of Christ.

Shoe Drive

Our Shoe Drive is drawing to a close! We have graciously received numerous donations of quality shoes that will soon be delivered to St Vinnies in Lismore. We will be receiving donations until Thursday May 16 ready for delivery on Friday May 17th.  

Sacrament of Confirmation

Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is well under way. Students participating in the Sacrament this year will engage with a reflection day on May 17th. We will be joined by some other children from the Parish and also our friends from St Joseph school Woodburn. We keep Braxton, Jakob and Chase in our prayers.

Save the Date

Confirmation Reflection Day May 17th

Sacrament of Confirmation 20th May 5:30

Sorry Day Liturgy 24th May 9:30

Whole school Mass lead by Stage 2 Thursday June 13th 9:30

Whole school Mass lead by Stage 3 Friday July 5 9:30

From Our Principal - Mr Brendan Moloney

Dear Families,

Welcome to Term 2, it is wonderful to have everyone back and settling into learning. Everyone should also be congratulated on their patience with the weather, as they have had limited time on the playground due to the wet conditions.

With Sunday being Mother’s Day, we pray that you all have a Wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

School Counsellor

As communicated to you it is with sadness that our School Counsellor, Robyn Jones will be leaving us at the end of Week 3. Robyn has supported our school community through a number of significant events over the last 3 years, her support has been invaluable.

We are fortunate that a replacement Counsellor has been appointed and will begin next week. We will welcome Yasmin Mouftakir and look forward to her supporting our school community.

Term 3 Leave

During Term 3 this year I will be taking Long Service Leave for the first 8 weeks of the Term, I will be travelling with family heading north and then travelling the west coast. We are leaving on Friday the 5th of July and will be returning to work on Monday 16th September.

We are currently undertaking the process for appointing an Acting Principal for my absence, this will be communicated to you later this term once the necessary processes are undertaken.

P&F Consultation

As outlined at our Welcome BBQ our school is required to select a new format for our community group, information on why this change is necessary and the options available to us have been provided to you. I would like to thank those who then completed the survey indicating their preference for our new community format.

The next step is to hold a final P&F Meeting where we will table the survey results and make decisions on our choices moving forward. We welcome anyone to join us for this meeting, it will be held on Thursday the 16th at 4pm.

Staff Development Day 

Wednesday 29th May, all staff will be attending the PROCLAIM day with other Schools in the Lismore Diocese. Out of School Hours Care will be operating this day.

Tell Them From Me Survey

In the coming weeks we will be inviting students, teachers and parents to provide feedback on their experience of our school using an online survey. The surveys are an important part of our whole school evaluation and planning process.

We would like to invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community we would greatly appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at St Joseph’s Primary School.

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You are able to access the parent survey on your computer or mobile device. Details on how to do this will be provided soon.

Bullying and Friendships

Item 1: What is Bullying?

Understanding bullying helps students and parents distinguish between regular conflicts

and actual bullying. This helps avoid confusion and ensures that the right help is given

when needed. It can also empower you as parents to engage in prevention efforts

proactively. By teaching your children about respectful behaviour, empathy, dignity,

courage, and inclusion, parents can help prevent bullying from occurring in the first place.

Bullying refers to the unwanted, repeated and intentional use of words or actions against a

student or a group of students to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. Watch What is


Bullying means behaviour that has three (3) key features:

  1. It involves the intentional misuse of power in a relationship;
  2. It is ongoing and repeated; and
  3. It involves behaviours that can cause harm.

A student can acquire power through advantage, such as social status, popularity, an

advantage in size and strength, number of allies, age, skill, or membership in a socially

defined dominant group, which could be based, for example, on wealth or gender.

Behaviours that do not constitute bullying include:

  1. Mutual arguments and disagreements;
  2. Not liking someone or a single act of social rejection;
  3. A single episode of hurtful words or actions
  4. Isolated incidents of aggression, intimidation and/or violence

Indirect bullying (also known as covert bullying) is not always immediately observable and

acknowledged as bullying. Indirect bullying can be discreet and anonymous, and the

person experiencing the bullying behaviour may not realise it until after it has occurred.

Examples of indirect bullying include:

  • Spreading rumours: Sharing false or harmful information about someone to tarnish

           their reputation.

  • Gossiping: Engaging in negative discussions about a person without their


  • Social manipulation: Encouraging others to exclude or reject a person from social


  • Cyberbullying: Using digital platforms to harass, intimidate, or spread harmful

           content about a person.

  • Stealing: Discreetly and repeatedly stealing personal belongings

When parents understand what bullying entails, they can effectively communicate with

their child about their experiences at school, in the community and online. By using the

correct terminology and understanding the dynamics of bullying, parents can encourage

open dialogue and provide the necessary support.

Watch Bullying and Conflict with your child.

God Bless,

Brendan Moloney

Easter Hat Parade 2024

Well done to our 2024 Easter Hat Parade Winners

Kinder - Alia, Yr 1 -Leo, Yr 2 - Jack, Yr 3 - Braxton, Yr 4 -Katie, Yr 5 - Cally, Yr 6 - Joeiesha

Stage 1 News

Stage 1  Art

Still Life on patterned background

Stage 1 Science

The students did a fantastic job of creating the life cycle of a butterfly with modelling clay.

Sports News

Cross Country is postponed to next Friday 12th April in combination with our Colour Explosion run.

General Business

Happy Birthday to the following who have celebrated their birthday since our last newsletter: 

Casey Magee

P&F & Canteen News

P& F Easter Raffle

Thank you to Spar Coraki, Coles Lismore and all our families who donated Easter Eggs. $368 was raised. Congratulations to Pip, Airies & Shelby for taking home the prizes.

Canteen Term 1 2024

Wednesday 10 April

Friday 12 April

Jemma Biggs 

Nicole Oldham 

Canteen Term 2 2024

Wednesday 1 MayFriday 3 May
Kym ChartersBiance Mavir
Wednesday 8 MayFriday 10 May
Jemma BiggsMary-Jane Maher
Wednesday 15 MayFriday 17 May
Ashlee GrandeBeth Brammah
Wednesday 22 MayFriday 24 May
Lavandis KapeenNicole Oldham 
Wednesday 29 MayFriday 31 May 
Pupil Free DayKursty Williams 

Save the Date Term 1 2024

Friday 5th April - Cross Country (postponed)

Friday 12th April - Open Day, Cross Country, School Run4Fun Colour Explosion 2pm 

Save the Date Term 2 2024

Monday 29th April - Staff Development Day

Tuesday 30th April - Students return for Term 2

Tuesday 7th May - Mothers Day Stall

Thursday 9th May - Mothers Day Afternoon Tea 2pm

Wednesday 29th May - Staff Development Day

Monday 10th June - King's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday 17th June - School Photos

Friday 28th June -Athletics Carnival 

Friday 5th July - Last Day for Term 2

Mission News

Second Sunday of Easter Gospel Reflection

This Sunday’s reading from the Gospel of John is proclaimed on the Second Sunday of Easter in each of the lectionary cycles. This fact alone should alert us to the significance of the encounters with the resurrected Jesus that are described in this reading. This Gospel combines two scenes: Jesus’ appearance to his disciples after his Resurrection and Jesus’ dialogue with Thomas, the disciple who doubted.

Shoe Drive

In line with our preparation for Lent, we are currently running a shoe drive! If you have any shoes at home that you have grown out of that are still in good condition please bring them into the school office. These will be donated to St Vinnies to support their wonderful work. 

Sacrament of Confirmation

Students who have been Baptised and are in year 3 or above are eligible to begin preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please let Mrs Campbell know if you wish for your child to participate. 

Celebrating the Events of Holy Week

To commemorate Jesus' journey to his death we gathered on Holy Thursday to reflect on the story of Easter. Stage three wrote the script and designed the presentation of the Easter Story to share with the other students. Well done stage three!

Stage three also created gifts for the Kindergarten and Stage One students as part of their learning in Religious Education. They presented these Way of the Cross spinners to the younger children to take home.

Save the Date

Catholic Schools Week Celebration Friday April 12

Sacrament of Confirmation Monday May 20th 6pm

From Our Principal - Mr Brendan Moloney

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that Term 1 is almost over, we do have next week as the last week of the term. School finishes for Term 1 on Friday 12th April.

As we reflect on our first term for the school year, I would like to thank all our families for their continued support and collaboration. We have had a number of highlights throughout the term including our more recent celebrations for St Joseph’s Day and our Easter Hat Parade for example. Our most important celebration is for our students and the way they continue to focus on their learning and apply themselves to their classroom activities.

While we have also had to remind our students of our expectations at times, particularly the way we respect each other in our words and actions, it has been very positive to see the improvement in these areas.

Catholic Schools Week

Next week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week across the Diocese. The Catholic Schools Office provides a range of services to support approximately 2,500 staff in 45 vibrant and dynamic school communities that serve more than 18,000 students. This week gives us the opportunity to celebrate our contribution to Catholic Education in this Diocese and in particular, to the community of Coraki.

As part of our activities, we will be holding an open day on Friday 12th of April for any interest families from K-6. We are particularly looking to get numbers for our 2025 Kinder enrolments with our transition program beginning in Term 3.

Easter Hat Parade

Thank you to all those families who attended to help us celebrate with our Easter Hat Parade, as always we had a wonderful turn out. We had lots of fantastic Easter Hats with the judges having a tough time picking the best hat from each class. Well done to everyone for the creative flare on display!

It was also wonderful to have Coraki CWA Preschool and Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Playgroup joining us, they also had some wonderful Easter Hats to display.

Parent Pick-up

Currently we have some children who who are leaving before they are dismissed by the teacher from he Parent Pick-Up area. Parents are reminded that the school procedure is that all students who are on the Parent Pick-Up line remain seated until the teacher on duty asks them to move to their parent/carer. This process is in place for safety reasons.  We appreciate parents adhering to this procedure.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Information was shared with families yesterday regarding our Parent/Teacher Conferences for next week. Please keep an eye out for this information which has been posted on COMPASS as well as a hard copy being provided. Parents are asked to please make their appointment via COMPASS or return the note with their contact preference. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to celebrate the progress of their child/ren throughout Term 1 and to ask any questions they may have about classroom routines or their child’s progress.

Cross Country

With the unfavourable weather our Cross Country Carnival set down for tomorrow has been postponed. We are hoping to hold this event on our alternate day being Friday 12th April, this will be combined with our Colour Explosion.

The planned BBQ lunch will still go ahead as planned tomorrow.

Attendance Figures for Term 1

Our school attendance continues to be a concern. Parents are reminded that the target for school attendance is 95%. With any student absence an explanation for this should be provided to the school. Our attendance figures for this year are as follows:

Our current student population is 60

Whole School Attendance is at 75%

We have 23 students whose attendance is above 90%

We have 5 students whose attendance is above 95%

While we are able to celebrate the high attendance of a small number of students, a large number of our students attendance is a concern, as it is well below expected attendance levels. As part of our Parent/Teacher Conferences teachers will share with you the attendance figure for your child/ren. We ask that we work together to address these attendance concerns and are always open to discuss these with you to improve attendance where required.

God Bless,

Brendan Moloney

St Joseph's Day 2024

St Joseph’s Woodburn school came on St Joseph’s day.

The activities were a disco party, games with Ollie and Eliza, slip and slide,water guns and water balloons. My favourite part of the day was the water guns.

I felt happy about the day.


St Joseph’s day was so fun especially because we had St  Joseph’s Woodburn to spend it with. Thank you to all the teachers from St Joseph’s Coraki and St Joseph’s Woodburn. At the start of the day we went to mass and then we came back and started our rotations. We played some fun games that Oliver and Eliza organised.We played 3 fun games called whoop, carpenter clump and rock paper scissors and we also did a big disco in the handball squares and we had Mr Brad who did some water related activities then we did a big water slide down the soccer field. 


I had fun on the water slide, disco party, water gun fight  and water balloons. It was fun having  St Joseph’s  Woodburn here.


The slide was fun and the water gun was fun too. The dance party was fun too.


My favourite thing about St Joseph’s day was the slip and slide


My favourite thing about St Joseph’s day was the slide because I got to do it with lots of other kids and I like sliding.


Stage 3 News

In Stage 3 we are currently learning about our solar system as part of our science unit. On Friday we began a design and make task where we are building a solar oven to conduct tests on the power of the Sun - providing heat. This Friday we will test our designs by measuring the internal temperature of the ovens with a thermometer and will attempt to melt things like chocolate and marshmallows. The students will get the chance to alter their design and re-test if they wish too to see if they can improve their results. We will include some photos and a report of our testing in the next newsletter.

Student Awards Week 7

Kinder  - Violet Hicks, attempting to read and write words with the sounds she knows.

Kinder - Alia Sharma, attempting to read and write words with the sound she knows.

Stage 1 - John Randall, showing kindness to others in the playground. 

Stage 1 - Indie Verrall, consistently following class & school expectations.

Stage 2- Jakob Brammah, listening and applying feedback to achieve his best.

Stage 2- Katie Eastwood, challenging herself in Maths to achieve her learning goals.

Stage 3- Macen Hickling, his fantastic efforts in NAPLAN testing.

Stage 3- Philippa Maher, her fantastic effort and attitude to all learning.

Principals Award - Baylee Chamberlain, the way he includes and helps others.

Sports News

Cross Country Friday 5th April.

Alstonville arrival approximately 10am. (Windsor Park, Coraki).

Walk the course / set up school areas and fruit break.

10.40am - 10 years*

11.00am - 9 years

11.20am - 8 years

11.40am - 11 years

12.10pm - 12 years

Return to St Joseph’s Coraki for lunch and play. (Approximately 12.45pm)

Alstonville depart approximately 1.30pm.

5 -7 year olds (to be held at school).

Alstonville arrival approximately 10am.

Fruit break - 10-10.20am

10.20am - 7 years 

10.50am - 6 years

11.20am - 5 years

11.40am - lunch and play in the school playground.

12.20pm - return to classrooms.

General Business

Happy Birthday to the following who have celebrated their birthday since our last newsletter: 

Aialah Kapeen, Taylor Williams