Vision Statement

Promise reminds us about the promise our parents made to god when most of us were baptised. Our parish school community is committed to enriching and encouraging this promise made.

We all begin life with promise. At St Joseph’s we will foster this promise and enhance our students spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally.

Exploration identifies the world in which we live and are educated today. No longer do we learn all our information by ROTE and memory. Just like adults, students learn best when they are engaged and interested. We aim to provide a rich curriculum that engages our contemporary learners. Learning today is about inquiry, experimenting, reflecting and exploring all possibilities. It is purposeful, meaningful and relevant. At St Joseph’s we encourage students to explore for deeper meaning, to uncover and embrace new learning. We set high expectations for all our learners, students and staff.

This combined with celebration; of the sacraments, our history, events we value, of relationships and new learning leads onto a life of learning.

Our ultimate goal is this life long learning. We strive to foster in students a love of learning that continues through high school and the rest of their lives. We don’t want students to know something for the sake of a test or achieving an award on assembly. Our ultimate goal is to have our students at St Joseph’s;


  • Fulfil the gifts, talents and promise they possess through high expectations
  • To embrace the promise many parents made for them at their baptism


  • To explore more deeply, understanding and meaning in their learning and our world


  • Commit more fully though the sacraments and through a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Celebrate and feel success in their learning

Life Long Learning

  • Embrace a life long love for their learning that continues beyond